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    Multichannel Customer Services

    With a wealth of Customer Service experience we tailor your requirements to help you deliver a fantastic customer experience through the most effective channels suitable to you. Our aim is to help you be easier to do business with and to improve your customer journey.


    Customer Experience Services (CES)

    Customer Experience is a key differentiator that can define success.

    EKAADA’s process outsourcing teams are keenly adept at web-enabled processes:

    • • Order management
    • • Billing query handling
    • • Email support
    • • Chat Support
    • • Market Research
    • • Product Promotion Campaigns

    Our innovative advisory, global operational delivery capabilities and contact centre technology help to optimize contact centre operations and thereby facilitate better customer engagement.

    Customer Interaction Services (CIS)

    Our multichannel customer interaction services helps businesses earn loyal and happy customers. Call centre services at EKAADA are a mix of integrated domain knowledge, analytics and transformational technological solutions that enable effective customer engagement and build everlasting relationships.

    Across both sides of the communication channel, EKAADA has established its credentials in handling inbound processes professionally.

    • Customer Support
    • Technical Helpdesk
    • Inquiry Handling
    • Call Answering
    • Lead Generation/Appointment setting

    In addition to the array of services above, we offer end-to-end multichannel services across communication methods like voice, e-mail, chat, social media, SMS, Virtual Assistant, IVR, fax, website, mobile etc.

    Customer Acquisitions And Sales (CAS)

    By adopting the EKAADA IVR approach to increase the rate of customer acquisition and retention, our clients experience customer base growth and capitalize on improved sales processes that enable cross-selling and up-selling to established as well as new customer bases.

    • Our expert customer service processes cover all facets of traditional BPO
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Information Verification
    • Soft Lead Generation
    • Customer Surveys
    • Telemarketing
    • Customer Retention Management


    Customers are the reason you are in business. Once acquired, it becomes even more significant to nourish and take special care of your customers.  This is why taking your time to enhance the customer experience will increase the engagement level and help delight and retain your customer base.


    Customer Retention is key to sustaining growth and building a lasting relationship with customers is the cornerstone of any business. Our wide range of customer retention solutions includes up-selling, cross-selling, analytics, consulting, social media strategy, Omni channel assistance, promotion, etc.