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With over 20 years’ experience in the outsourcing industry, we know businesses have concerns when it comes to outsourcing. It is difficult to cut through all the jargon and headline grabbing promises to understand the real benefits of outsourcing.  At EKAADA we like to keep things simple for our customers, to offer straight forward solutions, and help you make the right decision for your business. Over the years we have attended and recognised the main challenges our clients come up against when considering outsourcing.  Here is what we advise new clients:


  1. Will I Be Handing Over Control?

Absolutely not – Making the decision to outsource, or change to a new provider, can be daunting.  It is easy to manage people, process, and other activities in house, but what about when they are outsourced??  Do not worry, with EKAADA you will still have full control of everything:

    • Clear and easy to read online reports provided on daily/weekly or as your preference.
    • Complete control on all the activities including change in scope of work when required.
    • Wide range of reports to help plan, manage and strategize your business.
    • Dedicated Account manager who works for you to ensure that your business strategies are implemented on a timely manner.


  1. Will I Save Money?

Absolutely!  –  Operational Cost is always going to be one of the main considerations for any business.  We understand the high costs of attracting and converting new customers and that consumer expectations are at an all-time high.  Outsourcing with EKKADA is a cost-efficient way to improve service level whilst maintaining profit margins.

  • Low Overheads – EKAADA are dedicated to offering customers great service at a low cost. With over 20 years’ experience in outsourcing, we are the experts when it comes to keeping overheads down for your business where we can offer tailor made solutions to fit your business needs.
  • Rapid Setup – Integration with our centre is quick, simple, and flexible making it cost effective with minimal disruptions.  Our normal timeline would be 1 week to Go-Live date, but we can go quicker if needed!
  • Scalable Solutions – With operational cost taken out of the picture, you can now focus on your core business activities which are important to you. You are looking at over 80% saving in operational costs by removing the HR aspects of having a team onshore, not to mention all the other costs such as superannuation, taxes, ACC and plenty more.


  1. Will Outsourcing Really Help Me Grow My Business?

Yes – It is quite a claim for us to make.  Well, we believe that EKAADA can help, by simply providing you with the right support and resources as per your business needs. We will ensure that we work with you for your business while you focus is to work on your business to scale up further.


  1. Can I Trust My Outsourcing Partner?

Absolutely – It is difficult to hand over your operations to another company and trust they will do things as you would.  EKAADA understand it’s our job to provide you with the peace of mind that your business is in safe hands. With our Risk free trial of 30 Days no obligation contracts, you can test the waters before making a decision.

    • Owner Managed Company – EKAADA takes great pride being a Kiwi Owned and operated.  
    • Building Trust – Offering the following services to give you peace of mind.
      • Service Level Agreements and KPI Monitoring
      • Dedicated Account Managers and Operational staff who you will be able to call and email directly with 24X7 support