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Outsourcing During a Pandemic

COVID19 has tested the world economies and business resolve in a way we’ve not seen in living memory.  Companies have had to put into action their Business Continuity Plans and vary not only the way they operate but also the channels of distribution, uncertainty of supply and demand as well as accommodating very different working environments to keep staff safe.

With significant drops in revenue, many companies around the world have had to restructure and reduce headcount to stay afloat.

In order to continue to deliver the service your customers expect, outsourcing is a great way to utilise staff without the overhead cost and timeframes of onboarding staff locally.  As we hopefully turn the economic corner, investing in outsourced staff enables a business to grow at the rate suited to your recovery and your business requirements, without needing to run through a full onboarding process.  This helps the business stay nimble and flexible to be able to scale up and down depending on the business environment.