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    Back Office Solutions

    Our carefully tailored back office business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions help organizations manage their large volume of data and transactions effectively and more profitably thereby enabling them to function with improved efficiencies. EKAADA provides a holistic array of back office support services via our singular blend of data prowess, smart software, and solution boosters, which ultimately ensures improved business results.


    Order Management Solutions

    In this world of advancing technology and swiftly transforming business models, every company has to be extra cautious about its supply chain management. Ultra-modern tech has empowered the customers of today to select from a plethora of order and delivery platforms. In addition, the sophistication of global supply chains and increasing expectation from every phase of the order process have compelled the businesses to avail the custom order management service.


    EKAADA’s order management services help businesses to streamline their supply chain and order delivery channel and also aid in enhancing the sales cycle and revenue growth. We provide custom eCommerce order management to companies that look to accomplish cost-effectiveness, timely delivery, increased customer engagement, minimised error occurrence, and quality decision-making.

    Data Entry Services

    Sustaining business growth can depend how you manage your data. Data can be hard to capture and analyse if you do not have the correct systems in place or means to capture the data in the first place.

    EKAADA’s expertise in this area helps your business to make well-informed decisions, target the right areas of growth and gaps/opportunities to focus further.

    The wide range of data entry services offered by us include online, offline, logistic, image, manual, copy paste, document, document management, directory, invoice & billing, product, and application form solutions.

    Data Mining Services

    For any business, the process of data mining is extremely crucial. This never ending function of exploration and apprehension digs out the meaningful arrangement in the clutter of data available to your business. Recognizing the hidden patterns and analysing the relatable implications help a business to unfold prevalent market trends, forecast future opportunities, drive revenue, and trim the operational cost. For this, businesses across the world look to outsource data mining solutions.


    EKAADA, being one of the preeminent data mining companies, offers an extensive array of:

    • • Web data mining
    • • Image data mining
    • • Word and Excel data mining
    • • PDF and Open-Source data mining
    • • SQL data mining
    • • Social media data mining
    • • Data mining consulting
    • • B2B database creation and list building
    • • Contact information data mining
    • • Email list data mining


    Our competent experts would develop a firm correlation between factors like competition, customer demographics, economic parameters, product positioning price, etc. and would determine their impact on your business objective, sales figures, and customer experience. So, if you are in the pursuit of standard and precise data mining outsourcing, EKAADA is where your search ends.

    Data Management Services

    With every purchase, inquiry, social media post, and customer engagement, loads of data pour in that need to be managed in an orderly manner. Not just handling, but businesses also require to analyse and generate useful information out of the data to make a nimble action plan. Handling the data management practice at an in-house facility requires recruitment of qualified, experienced, and skilled experts that would cost you a good capital investment. So, availing data mining solutions from an illustrious vendor is what a wise business owner looks for.


    EKAADA offers you an unmatched data management outsourcing service that would help you to effectively handle data, develop & manage precise reports, create dashboards, and handle alerts to cater to the diverse requirements that range from regulatory compliance reporting to MIS reporting. Being one of the premier data management companies, we process and administer raw data on a regular basis so that you can get your focus back on mission-critical business functions.

    Document Digitization And Archiving Services

    Digitalization has moved the world from paper to PC, laptops, and smartphones. Our document digitization service helps your business to go completely paperless and fully digital. We have competent and dedicated experts who will digitize your business’s data of audio, textual, image, periodicals, books, card, and video forms into any preferred format that can be stored on any platform or media.